Georgia is an inspiring 26 year old from Melbourne, Victoria. At such a young age Georgia is educating and encouraging the lives of so many through her food blog George Eats. Georgia has always been a food lover though this passion has grown into more of a profession these last few months. The journey happened organically as Georgia began to learn and tackle a number of digestive issues that have been plaguing her for the past few years. Georgia’s own personal journey though food and healing has inspired and educated many. At such a young age this beautiful food blogger still has a whole lot more to teach. From the mouth watering photography to the beautiful ingredients, recipes, travel inspiration and beyond Georgia is hot on our list of Bloggers to follow in 2015.

Georgia’s favourite things include brunching, good food, good coffee, travelling, and…a bit more brunching. She dreams of the day that she can both travel and eat for profession…The power of intention right!!! Well we wish you all the luck in the world dear Georgia Xx