Human Wellness is a platform to inspire, educate and empower natural healthy living. We wanted to create a haven for all things human. Share our passion and commitment to a kind, health and sustainable life




Human Wellness began with Stacey Lloyd (Christie), a Melbourne Fashion Designer. Through her battle with health issues: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Parasites, Candida Overgrowth, Digestive Disorders, Mercury Fillings, Root Canals and Hormone Imbalances, she discovered her body needed to be put to her priority.

She began a journey implementing more organic, pure and natural products into her daily life. She sought out information from professionals throughout the world. “The more you learn, the more you want to learn and I began to realised that there was so much more to optimum health than food and exercise.”

Stacey was determine to heal and naturally bring her body and mind back into balance. The world of wellness suddenly became a huge passion and inspiration for Lloyd. After turning to a plant based diet in 2008 and undertaking many drastic changes she began to investigate and understand the mind, body and lifestyle connection. Lloyd went on a mission to remove many everyday toxic substances from her body and life and explored areas of detox, longevity and spirituality in greater depth.

Lloyd’s commitment and dedication to a healthy minded lifestyle has inspired her both personally and professionally.

Lloyd founded Human Wellness Concept in 2012 and, since then has completed studies at Integrative Nutrition NYC to become qualified Holistic Health Coach.

Lloyd believes strongly in these products and lifestyle and is passionate to educate, inspire and make both products & information more accessible. Through her dedication and commitment to natural healthy living, a new movement, Human Wellness was born.

Lloyd lives in Byron Bay Hinterlands with her 3-year-old son Bodhi and her husband Clinton. She was blessed with a healthy vegan pregnancy and together with her husband raises their very healthy and happy little boy. For this family a plant based lifestyle began as a passion for health yet over the years it has become something much more than that. It is a lifestyle dedicated to holistic health, compassion, empathy and consciousness. “I can sleep well knowing that my family is living a little lighter, a lot healthier, and much happier. I hope we can inspire others to live a healthy, gracious & gentle life “