Shelly West is the founder of Vegetarian Ventures, a food blog that focuses on planet-based recipes and healthy eating habits. The chef who’s passion is for vegetarian and vegan recipes with a twist of adventure and inspiration.

Sally is a vegetarian that uses cooking, baking, eating, photographing, music as her creative outlets. In turn, she created Vegetarian Ventures as an attempt to inspire all to get creative  and dance in the kitchen!

Shelly has been a vegetarian for over 10 years which has both forced and inspired her to learn to cook.  Vegetarian Ventures is here to motivate, try and test her cooking abilities while hopefully teaching her devoted audience a few tips along the way. Shelly is constantly seeking a healthier (but delicious!) cooking routine so follow and joint her  in the journey. Aside fromm the kitchen in her free time you will find Shelly rocking a wolf t-shirt, sipping on hibiscus tea, and working on her magazine, Driftless.

Shelly has had recipes and articles featured on websites and publications such as Food & Wine, Saveur Magazine, Food52, Weekend Almanac, and many others.