Matthew Kenney is an American Celebrity chef, entrepreneur, author, and educator specialising in plant-based cuisine. Kenney is the founder of Matthew Kenney Cuisine which provides innovative, high quality products and services in the culinary art and wellness markets through its six business segments:  hospitality, education, media, products, wellness and services. Kenney has eight plant-based restaurants around the world and has authored 13 cookbooks, with his most recent being Plantlab Cookbook. His Culinary School PLANTLAB® has graduated hundreds of passionate, like-minded individuals who share a common ethos in providing transformative plant-based culinary and wellness education.  With world-class onsite facilities and an interactive online education platform, PLANTLAB® provides a resource network for those embracing a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. With an industry that is growing at such a rapid rate PLANTLAB® will continue to be an industry leader and leverage their influence to reach global markets and set benchmarks for plant-based techniques, dynamic content, and culinary ingenuity.

Kenny believes chefs are the most powerful advocates out there…’The one thing most of us do every day is eat. Billions of people, every day, are making choices about food. Food is not meant simply to satisfy our cravings, addictions, and indulgences. It is meant to fuel us, to sustain us, to give us positive energy and create one big sustainable ecosystem. But many have gone so far off track that the only way to get back is to empower change, to educate, to inspire, and, ultimately, to create a full-on paradigm shift in the global food world. That is what we aspire to do. By graduating hundreds of plant based chefs each year Kenny is achieving and contributing tremendous success towards a conscious plant based future and our ecosystem.

Kenney is expanding his hospitality empire to Sydney, Australia. Alibi, will open at the Ovolo hotel in Woolloomooloo later this month. It's confirmed that the menu will include kimchi dumplings with sesame and ginger foam, kale pesto with almond ricotta and a hibiscus strawberry cheesecake with lime curd.


Check out Matthew Kenney website/s (link below) and his cookbooks:

1997: Matthew Kenney's Mediterranean Cooking: Great Flavors for the American Kitchen

2003: Big City Cooking: Recipes for a Fast-Paced World

2005: Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow

2008: Everyday Raw

2009: Entertaining in the Raw

2010: Everyday Raw Desserts

2011: Everyday Raw Express: Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less

2012: Raw Chocolate

2013: Everyday Raw Detox (with Meredith Baird)

2013: Everyday Raw Gourmet

2014: Plant Food (with Scott Winegard and Meredith Baird)

2014: Cooked Raw: How One Celebrity Chef Risked Everything to Change the Way We Eat

2017: PLANTLAB Cookbook with Regan Arts


Thanks Matthew for educating and inspiring so many! All our love and grattitude from the Human Wellness Community!!! XO

Matthew Kenney Cuisine: www.matthewkenneycuisine.com

PLANTLAB: www.plantlab.com

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