Belinda Everingham lives and works in Bondi, Australia, right near the waves of the iconic Bondi Beach.  A love of scent, combined with a desire to create beautiful, natural alternatives to household cleaning and washing products, motivated Belinda to create BONDI WASH.  She also recognised the potential to showcase Australia’s native flora to the world through creating products based on their wonderful scents and properties.

About 5 years ago Belinda stopped using commercial cleaning products as they were giving her headaches and instead started cleaning with diluted eucalyptus oil. However eucalyptus on its own doesn’t smell great, nor did the other natural cleaning products available.  She also found that many of the so called  ‘natural’ products  contain ingredients that are not so nice.  She wanted products that were genuinely all-natural but also looked good, smelt good and importantly, were effective.

That’s when the idea for Bondi Wash started brewing, but the real the inspiration for BONDI WASH came when reading the novel, Perfume by Patrick Suskind, set in Paris and the South of France.  The story is based on the premise that scents are very powerful and can change lives.  Why not make washing pleasurable through infusing products with delightful scents?  And just as the French have done so well, why not bring some of the most beautiful Australian bush oils and extracts to the world through creating products for the home that people love?



Bondi Wash