Sophie has been dabbling  in the kitchen ever since she was first given a Fisher Price Kitchenette at age 3. Since then, She has gotten taller, wiser, and better at slicing and dicing. Early on Sophie’s cooking primarily consisted of baking – cookies, cakes, pies – things kids like…the things that ain’t so good for you. In her teenage years Sophie began experimenting with different grains, healthier alternatives, and whole foods. Over the last 15 years, Sophie has taken pride to provide her family and friends with wholesome, nourishing, and tasty delights.

Sophie’s goal with Wholehearted Eats is to share easy and affordable recipes to make at home. “My food philosophy is simple – eat whole and unprocessed foods whenever possible.” Although she is not on a strict vegetarian, vegan, raw, or gluten free diet, Sophie often finds herself making foods which easily fit into all or any of those dietary needs, or can easily be adapted to.

Sophie has spent many years studying nutrition and cooking. For the last decade she has worked at alternative bakeries and cafes surrounded by passionate and creative people who inspire her with great ideas and wholefood knowledge.

Wholehearted Eats is the ultimate place where passion and purpose collide a outlet for Sophie to share her food experiments, both successful and those less successful, as well as a place to share her daily thoughts and adventures.

“I hope you enjoy a look into my life, and more so, I hope you try some of these recipes out for yourself.”


Wholehearted Eats