Finding a natural, healthy and effective deodorant that really works can be tough. Though the truth is out and the chemicals found in most conventional deyoderants can be extreemly toxic.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s absorbing everything you put on it. It’s important we do our best to reduce our chemical exposure. Which includes what we put under our arms pits.

Here is our top 6 recommendations for natural deodorants...



Fig & Yarrow's underarm lotion is a supremely effective blend of minerals and botanicals to naturally discourage both odor and excessive moisture while nourishing and soothing underarm skin.  Ingredients sage and witch hazel are shown to reduce excessive perspiration and odor. Aloe offers many anti-bacterial, soothing and skin-enhancing benefits. Sodium bicarbonate is a valuable mineral known to eliminate bacteria and balance pH for natural skin protection. Zinc is a valuable mineral shown to reduce perspiration and odor. Coconut oil cools, nourishes, detoxifies and soothes skin and their pure essential oil blend provides exceptional perspiration and odor minimization benefits + a nice gender-neutral scent.


Axilla Deodorant Paste by Black Chicken is an organic deodorant paste that is a remedial and chemical free deodorant formulated to neutralise underarm odour instantly and keep you fresh without inhibiting your sweat glands ability to dispel toxins often found in unwanted fat. Ax-il-la is commonly referred to as ‘the armpit, home to hundreds of sweat glands that help control your body temperature and work tirelessly to expel harmful toxins from your body through perspiration. The proprietary blend of essential oils including Peppermint, Lime, Mandarin, Geranium, Cajaput, Clove, Lavender and Cedarwood – which have refreshing and cooling benefits as well as antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.


The Perfect Vanilla. Essential oils of soft vanilla and freesia are comforting and clean. This All-Natural, freshly scented deodorant provides superior, long-lasting odor protection. Soothing essential oils blend with powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucan technology for daily defense and nourishment. Clinically Tested. Dermatologist Recommended. No Aluminum. No Paraben. No Propylene Glycol. No Harsh Chemicals.


The clean, herbaceous fragrance of Lavender + Sage is tranquil and soothing. Antioxidant and antiseptic properties complement this top-selling deodorant. This award-winning formula provides all-day odor protection and wetness relief. Its fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non-sticky feel. ree of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates. Certified Vegan & Cruelty-free. Gluten-free and packaged in elegant and sustainable glass jars.


Made the switch to natural deodorant but struggle with underarm sensitivity from baking soda? We've taken our well-loved classic deodorant cream and made a few modifications to create this new formula, perfect for those with sensitive skin and just as effective. Designed without baking soda and clay, this recipe uses dietary magnesium and arrowroot powder to help control moisture and odor. Nourishing plant oils and butters soothe and condition the skin, and a potent blend of citrusy essential oils keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day.


This deodorant will keep you smelling lovely well into the evening hours with a light trace of honey, lavender and eucalyptus. Agent Nateur products are created with non-geo, pesticide-free, food-grade ingredients available in order to be safe for those with even the most sensitive skin. Each holi(stick) is made by hand.