Bisque Traders was founded in the year 2000 by husband & wife team, Kathy and Ralph Brauer. The company was started as a result of Kathy's passion for homewares, combined with their mutual love of travel. This combination has lead to the relaxed, unstructured, global look that Bisque has become known for around the world as a leading brand in homewares and fashion.

The name BISQUE is a throw back to their previous venture, which involved years of producing ceramics in Australia. It refers to the first ceramic firing being a clean, white, textured-to-the-touch item, qualities we believe are shared by our homewares and furniture range.

Bisque only sells ethically produced fashion. Their labels are all high end, the majority of which have been produced either in Italy or in woven by hand from their suppliers’ own home in India. No person has suffered working in a sweat shop producing any of their garments.

ADDRESS: Rear of 12 Station Street, Bangalow NSW 2479

PHONE: (02) 6687 1610