Elite of Feng Shui devotees include Bill Gates, Richard Branson and the richest Chinese: Li Ka-Shing as well as the man who defeated eBay in China, Jack Ma, whose company, Alibaba, is set for the largest U.S. IPO in history. “All the business successes we have examined have been either intentionally or accidentally aligned with the RIGHT side of Feng Shui principles, and all the business failures and misfortunes we have seen have been aligned with the wrong side of it.” Master Feng

“I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui. I do it because it makes me a lot of money.” – Donald Trump

Feng Shui education and consulting based on theory alone, without the ability to see the energies, is like a surgeon performing an operation without the camera that shows him the interior of the body.

These 8 Secrets are from Master Fengs 30 years of experience of helping 10s of thousands of highly accomplished entrepreneurs.


1. CEO needs to have a solid wall behind him. Otherwise, he will be vulnerable against backstabbing. It also creates insecure energies between the CEO and key investors, partners, boardroom, staff and customers etc.

2. Avoid having the Head office on lower levels of an office building, otherwise, the CEO will be overwhelmed by stress and obstacles.

3. The lower side of the land is great for business and the higher side is great for home.

4. Avoid Stairs that are facing the door way.

5. Customer’s seats should not face the door way or windows.

6. Opposite a lift is a good fortune.

7. Opposite stairs is a bad Feng Shui.

8. Business Location – Should preferably be in front of traffic lights, bus or train stop, or opposite a Car Park.



Try to avoid living near:

A hospital.

A casino.

A graveyard or a funeral company.


And also not to have:

A road running directly towards your house.

A bed facing the doorway of the room.


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