Ellen Fisher is a conscious earth mumma, vegan, e-book creator, photographer and social media influencer with over 800 000 followers combined on her youtube and instagram platforms. Ellen lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii with her two young sons Elvis and Sandy (plus a beautiful bubba on the way) and her husband Andrew. This young family thrives on a high carbohydrate, raw vegan lifestyle. Eating a diet consisting of whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

After turning to a vegan lifestyle over 10 years ago in an attempt to realign and balance her health Ellen credits this lifestyle to healing so many areas of her life…including acne, poor digestion and eating disorders.

This Mamma has had two amazing vegan pregnancies. Together with her husband they raise very healthy, happy children purely on a vegan diet & lifestyle. It is very much a lifestyle and not just a diet to them. They are vegan not only for their health, but also for the love of animals and the planet!

This beautiful family radiates health, kindness and compassion. Promoting LOVE, love for all beings on earth.

Check out her website (link below) and her wholesome vegan e-books  - Epic Vegan Food & Epic Raw Food


Thanks Ellen for inspiring so many! All our love and grattitude from the Human Wellness Community!!! XO

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