With the raw food movement soaring to new heights the use of edible flowers is growing rapidly. They add a soft touch to salads, make the perfect component to a platter and look divine on cakes and deserts. We wanted to share 5 different types of beautiful flowers that you can grow and enjoy at home:

1. Borage flowers

Borage flowers, also known as starflowers, have a mild, cucumber like taste and as such are great in salads. The purple flowers can be candied or even battered and fried. They also make a fine garnish for summer drinks including smoothies and gin cocktails.

2. Chive Blossoms

With their delecate onion flavour, chive blossoms are perfect for spicing up springtime dishes. Use them along with, or instead of, the chive stalks in all sorts of dishes. Try them in mash potatoes to add colour and flavour or fry them in a tempura batter for a tasty side dish.

3. Nasturtium Flowers

Most commonly used in salads, nasturtium flowers can also be chopped and used in lemon butter or mayonnaise. Use the leaves in potato soup and add the flowers to garnish. (ABC Local: Simon Leo Brown)

4. Pineapple Sage

Unrelated to pineapple, pineapple sage gets its name from the flower's sweet smell. Its mild sage flavour goes well with fruit so the flowers make a fantastic addition to fruit salads or banana smoothies.

5. Oxalis

Also called soursob or wood sorrel, oxalis is considered a noxious weed in many parts of Australia. This means if it's in your garden you should clear it - and eat it. The leaves and flowers can be used as a garnish or - sparingly - in salads. The flower is also an ingredient in the South African stew Waterblommetjiebredie

FOOD, NUTRITIONStacey Christie